Wastewater Treatment

The common technologies, for Sewage Wastewater Treatment processes and products offered by PCI Africa in the treatment of wastewater are:

Screening, Grit Removal, Primary Sedimentation, Surface Aeration, Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Sludge Thickening, Suction Lift Clarifiers, Sewage Pump Stations, Heat Exchangers, Digestor Mixing, Disinfection, Chlorination.


PCI Africa has the ability to provide Sewage Wastewater Treatment solution across a broad spectrum from process design, engineering, fabrication, construction, erection, commis- sioning and where appropriate operation and maintenance.


PCI Africa has provided EPC projects in past on large and small-scale works where speed and cost control are important in ensuring a top quality project for the client.
We will develop the requirements with the client and cost the project to ensure maximum customer satisfaction as well as the client having input to equipment and material selections.


This is still the most common way in which projects especially smaller projects are let, where clients appoint engineers to develop the scope of works and bill’s of quantities and we tender to set up the stated criteria.


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