water Treatment and
wastewater treatment

About PCI Africa

PCI AFRICA, active throughout the African continent, has extensive experience in the water treatment and wastewater treatment fields, rated as one of Africa’s leading water technology designers, contractors.

We have a CIDB rating of 9ME / 7CE and a BBEEE rating 1 with involvement in the development of young upcoming professionals.

The company offers a variety of services from process design, plant design, project management, equipment manufacture, materials supply, installation, commissioning and where appropriate operation and maintenance.

From the days of the invention of the Counter Current Dissolved Air Flotation Filtration (COCODAFF) process, mastering the art of conventional gravity sand filtration and understanding the skill involved with large pumping station, over the last few decades, PCI AFRICA added technologies related to biological nutrient removal systems (aeration etc.), membrane and ion exchange technologies and dewatering just to mention a few of the areas of expertise.

The objective of PCI AFRICA is to ensure that products and services are provided in accordance with the contractual requirements of its customers and the applicable Regulatory Authorities in a safe, reliable and maintainable form to the full satisfaction of its customers.

To achieve the objective, the company is committed to the operation and maintenance of a Quality Management System to meet the requirement of BS EN ISO 9001: 2000. These policies and procedures are defined in the company Quality and Procedures Manual.

The company’s policy is to plan and carry out its operations in compliance with all relevant legislation and codes of practice.



The common water treatment systems, processes and products offered by PCI Africa in the treatment of potable water are: Chemical Conditioning, Hydraulic Flocculation, Mechanical Flocculation, Sedimentation…

water purification systems


The common waste water treatment systems, processes and products offered by PCI Africa in the treatment of wastewater are: Screening, Grit Removal, Primary Sedimentation, Surface Aeration…

Standard plant

Package Plants

Our standard plant generally consists of our two ranges of package potable treatment plants, namely the Waterman and Waterman CP Plants.…


Advanced Technology Partners

- Hybacs
- Miex
- Osmoflow

Sludge handling PCI Africa Dewa

Agencies and Partners

- Permastore
- Blivet
- Nanotech


Proprietary Equipment

- Rapid Gravity filters Lateral and False floor type
- Aerators and Floating Aerators
- Desludging Bridges
- Propeller pumps
- Clariflocculator
- Vertical and Horizontal Pressure vessels
- Sludge Cones

PCI Africa is one of Africa’s leading process contractors of water and waste water solutions for the municipal and industrial markets.
PCI has been active in Africa since 1953 with offices in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria and more than 400 plant references across the continent.


PCI Africa’s head office is based in Laser Park, JHB where most of the engineering, design, procurement, project management, finance and shipping are performed.

Two additional offices exist namely, Port Elizabeth and Nigeria.