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The work undertaken at this site was the replacement of two rotary sewage distributors and refurbishment of a high rate bio-tower. The plant presently handles domestic sewage and industrial wastewater from an abattoir, a meat processing plant, a beverage plant a textile factory and a coffee processing plant. The plant is split into two sections, the first of which is the conventional plant consisting of primary settling, anaerobic digesters, fickling filters and humus tanks. The peak flow is diverted to the high rate bio-tower where a rotary distributor feeds the plastic high rate sheet packing that is used as a roughing filter prior to the two conventional rock filled bio-filters. The second section is an activated sludge plant.

The existing distributor at the high rate bio-tower and the number two bio-filter were badly corroded and had ceased to turn. The support steelwork for the cladding and access ladder at the HR bio-tower were badly corroded and were considered dangerous. The plastic packing in the HR tower had been adversely affected by ultraviolet light and had started to disintegrate.

PCISA replaced the rotary distributors with their B type machines made from heavy galvanised mild steel incorporating a rotary bucket. The centre column and bucket assembly are open and therefore corrosive gasses associated with sewage are vented to atmosphere and are not trapped as in some other designs.

These units are low maintenance type incorporating a non-contact seal at the centre column and are available as siphon machines where operating heads are minimal. These units can also be supplied with dosing siphons, centre drives and, or overflow arms.

The HR bio-tower steelwork, packing and Cladding were all replaced and Upgraded to the latest available materials taking into consideration corrosion protection, performance of the packing and ultraviolet effects thereon.

High Rate Bio-Tower

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